Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. (DMCI) is dedicated to maintaining high standards of aesthetic appeal within the limits of its Business Improvement Area (BIA) and is very proud of its banner treatment throughout the downtown.

Promotional Banners

To maintain the visual appeal of the BIA with respect to usage of the banner poles, DMCI has established the banner policy.

Poster Collars

Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. (DMCI) has installed poster collars throughout the downtown to help make it easy for you to display your posters while helping to keep the downtown clutter free from posters hung everywhere at random.

DMCI is happy to maintain the poster collars for your convenience. Please be advised that DMCI staff removes posters from ALL downtown poster collars the last week of each month.

Please feel free to hang your posters on these provided structures, keeping in mind the following:

  • Only one poster containing the same information can be placed on any poster collar.
  • Posters must be attached with tape only.
  • Posters must not cover any other posters already in place (let’s be nice about it!).
  • By-law – T-410

The photo above shows the poster collars available on Main Street.

The photo above shows the poster collars installed on St-George Street in 2014.