Board of Directors 2019-2021

President – Jocelyne Dupuis, Adelin Properties

Vice-President – Denis Foulem, DuParc Real-Estate Group

Past President – Jim Dixon, Ashford Investments

Treasurer – Cathy Quas, RBC

Ginette Robichaud, Boutique 2e Look

Kolin Barley, St. James Gate Group of Companies

Martine Godbout, Colliers International

Geneviève Maltais, Capitol Theatre

Derek Brennan, Architects 4

Marc Blanchard, BHOME

Dominique Fontaine, McInnes Cooper

Charles Léger, Councillor

Past Presidents

Simon Bujold, Assumption Life

Scott Ellsworth, Goodwin & Ellsworth

Jean Guy Richard, Dalmy’s Ltd.

Walter McQuinn, Lounsbury’s

Bob Cameron, Atlantic Shopping Centres

Rick Hollis, Hollis Lincoln Mercury

Catherine Dallaire, CN

John MacIntyre, Shoppers Drug Mart

Andrea Beckingham, Atlantic Shopping Centres

Stephen Clerke, Gifts Galore

Barry Veno, Credit Union Central

Jeff Kelly, Sounds Fantastic

Jon Andrews, The Shoe Tree

Adrienne O’Pray, NB Tel

Brad Hinton, Sutherland’s

René Basque, Forbes Roth Basque

Shelley Kee, Medavie Blue Cross

Marshall Button, Capitol Theatre

Brian Baxter, Oulton College

Pierre Gallant, Architects Four

Maura McKinnon, ALC

Lawrence Forbes, Seahold Investments

Maura McKinnon, Medavie Blue Cross

Louis Leger, Northern Resources (NGC)

Lawrence Forbes, Seahold Investments

Derek Martin, Tuba Inc.

Jim Dixon, Ashford Investments