Spin-It Records & Video

As a young entrepreneur, Patrick Parisée dove in headfirst by embracing his passions of cinematography, music and video games, and his efforts led to the success of the Spin-It Records that we know today. We talk a bit with Pat about his experiences, the history and development of the store as well as what could happen soon!

Working Class

Downtown Moncton has been known for many things, but something that is quite new and unique to the downtown area is Working Class. Owned and operated by 32-year-old Justin Allain, Working Class is a menswear retail store, a skate shop, and most recently a barber shop.

Boutique 2ᵉ Look

Although there are many shops and boutiques in downtown Moncton, Boutique 2ᵉ Look stands out as one of the most unique and attractive businesses. Its owner, Ginette Robichaud, tells us a little about herself, her shop and what led to her success.