Elle Mio

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A unique boutique located at 735 Main Street has known much success since its opening 4 years ago. Elle Mio originally started in Fredericton, NB, but after seeing so many people travelling from the Greater Moncton Area for the services they provide, owner Ronda Daigle knew it would a perfect location for a second store.

My Home Mercantile

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My Home Mercantile, located at 805 Main St, is owned by a wonderful Nova Scotian woman who knows no boundaries when it comes to business. Miriah Kearney’s talent for finding the most unique items as well as her devotion for providing an enjoyable experience in her stores are small testaments to all the other things that she has been able to achieve. Every year, Miriah makes a significant donation towards helping the homeless population through the sales at her stores.

The Comic Hunter

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You've surely heard of The Comic Hunter, a store that is very popular with comic book, film and technology enthusiasts. It has been located in Moncton since 2005 and has had great success since its opening under Rémi Vienneau Leclair’s management. With a wide selection of comic books, illustrated novels and board games, The Comic Hunter has become a gathering place and a pillar in downtown Moncton.

Spin-It Records & Video

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As a young entrepreneur, Patrick Parisée dove in headfirst by embracing his passions of cinematography, music and video games, and his efforts led to the success of the Spin-It Records that we know today. We talk a bit with Pat about his experiences, the history and development of the store as well as what could happen soon!

Boutique 2ᵉ Look

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Bien qu’il y ait plusieurs magasins et boutiques dans le centre-ville de Moncton, Boutique 2ᵉ Look ressort comme l’une des entreprises les plus uniques et attirantes. Sa propriétaire Ginette Robichaud nous parle un peu d’elle-même, de sa boutique et de ce qui a mené à son succès.


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