At 26, Pascale Landry opened her own thrift shop (second-hand clothes shop). Originally from Shediac, she is not afraid of challenges, especially when it comes to her passion.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

My name is Pascale Landry and I own Boutique Caprice. I am a person who is very interested in the environment and I am always looking for ways to be a better consumer. I try to be greener, but I have particular tastes and sometimes it’s hard to find things that are both ecological and aesthetic. So that’s how my company was born.

What is responsible fashion or slow fashion?

Slow fashion is to reduce one’s consumption in terms of clothing and to make sure that the clothes that one buys are manufactured in a fair way. Most of the clothes that are in department stores are made in China. The reason why these clothes are not expensive is because they are of lower quality and they are made in unsafe conditions. Slow fashion goes a little against this idea. The goal of slow fashion is to reduce our consumption, to buy clothes that will last and that we will keep for longer.

How did you start working in your field?

I have always been interested in fashion and I have always dreamed of opening my own shop. As a young woman, I wanted to find a place where I could dress locally and ecologically. The aesthetics of the existing shops did not meet what I was looking for. So, I opened my own shop, to express myself in my own way.

Why did you choose St. George Street?

I like St. George Street because it’s heterogeneous in terms of population. I chose to move here because there was already a community of entrepreneurs in this building (333 St. George Street). The support, the help and the exchange of ideas made it the perfect location for the shop.

Who inspires you?

My parents, for different reasons. My father, because he takes a lot of risks. He is not afraid to try, even if things do not go as planned. I find it really admirable. And my mother, because she supports him, even when she has to put herself a little in the background. I find it sincerely altruistic, it’s inspiring to see that she can let him live his dreams and his ambitions.

And also, my husband. He is always there to financially and morally support me. He still believes in me, even when I do not believe in myself. People often congratulate me, but what they do not see are the hard times that I share with my husband. Each entrepreneur can count on the support of a person who cheers them up, a person who is not always thanked.

Boutique Caprice, located at 333 St. George Street, continues to be a hit with loyal customers looking for exactly what Pascale Landry has to offer in downtown Moncton: a place to buy chic, unique and eco-friendly clothes.



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