Winter has never been my season. But this year feels even more colorless and I know I’m not alone in that feeling. The activities that normally bring me joy during these colder months aren’t currently possible and the city feels burdened, even with the promise of a new year. So, I’ve been looking for ways to safely connect with my friends and family while finding the little joys peppered throughout the city.

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Downtown Moncton


Saturday Strolls


March 11, 2021

While  brainstorming ideas I came up with a plan: Saturday strolls through the city taking us on an experience curated specifically with our shared connection and interests in mind.

So, for my first of many-to-come Saturday strolls I’ve chosen as my co-pilot someone who shares my passion for a balanced diet of fitness, wellness and a side of indulgence! She’s an international competitive CrossFit athlete, co-owner of True Reflection Training and she loves a good “treat day”. (like a cheat day – with none of the negative connotation). I couldn’t think of anyone better to stroll around with on a Saturday afternoon treating ourselves along the way and savoring the chance to catch up with an old friend when our already hectic lives are amplified by a pandemic!

Café Calactus
Vegetarian Restaurant
125 Church Street

An oldie but a goodie. Café Calactus has been a staple in my rotation of favorite downtown eateries because the vibe is amazing, and the food is even better.

I’m not above admitting that in the past I’ve had preconceived notions of what a vegetarian restaurant might serve and it usually involved tofu… you know the soggy grey kind that was a bit rubbery when you chew it. Café Calactus COMPLETELY shatters these ideas. All of the dishes I’ve tried are full of flavor (and color) and I can say with confidence no matter what you order – from the ginger lemonade to the Big Marc Burger you’ll enjoy what you order!

Opal 21 Boutique & Spa
Day Spa
Delta Hotels, 750 Main Street


I’m constantly wearing a mask and it’s starting to feel like all of the time.

The skin on my face is getting dry and it’s craving hydration!

The perfect solution: FACIALS.

It just so happened that a few days earlier, as I was curating our stroll downtown, I was able to book us two facials at the same time! (A couple from out of town had just canceled their pre-booked treatments due to current travel restrictions.)

I have to say, this was the first time for the both of us and we were not disappointed! The number of products alone was insane, but more than that it was unbelievable relaxing to have someone massage my face, arms and legs. Do not underestimate the power of a good massage!

Café l’Amiral
French Café
527 Main Street

527 Main Street

This little café is quite new to the city, and I was so excited that we had a chance to try it out. Even during the pandemic, the eb and flow we got to witness while comfortably seated (and safely distanced) was so nice to see! For the hour we spent there, the daily stresses felt a little less heavy.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that we had in front of us a homemade almond croissant and a delicious French crêpe stuffed with bananas and peanut butter.

If you have any curated saturday stroll experiences you’ve put together, please do share them in the comments!