Local businesses are looking for your support now more than ever. And Stile’s Fashion & Accessories is no exception, as a wonderful local business in Downtown Moncton. You’ll find mother-daughter duo Gracia Williston and Michelle Parker at their 801 Main Street location ready to welcome you to their beautiful boutique.

For those who are familiar with Stile Fashion & Accessories, you might already know that Gracia and Michelle first started with their boutique at Champlain Place. When the mall decided it was no longer offering rental space to independent businesses, these entrepreneurs powered through and moved Stile over just outside the mall. When that space was no longer available, they made a move once more to their current Main Street location.

As a customer, you are the number one priority at Stile Fashion & Accessories. At the very beginning, Stile only carried accessories. As they grew their clientele, more and more customers started asking if they would carry clothing. They slowly transitioned to adding clothing, and it has now become the forefront of their products. 

You can find items for any occasion at Stile. From classier outfits to casual clothing for lounging at home, Stile has unique items for everyone’s taste and budget.

What makes Stile unique is that this boutique carries a limited amount of each piece. This means that if you find something you love, it probably won’t be there on your next visit – which makes it well worth visited multiple times to find lots of great distinctive pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

When asked to describe Stile, Michelle shared:

“We always like to refer to ourselves as your dream closet.”

You’ll find certain staple items, like bamboo tank tops, but most items will not come back in stock. The boutique receives deliveries very often, so the products are constantly changing. “Even if you come in once a month, you’ll see something new and different every time you come in.”

The community has shown them an incredible amount of support from the very beginning, though they are not the exception when it comes to facing difficult times during Covid. 

“Being a downtown local business is difficult right now because the amount of traffic has diminished exponentially. The support is appreciated now more so than ever [before].”

Loyal customers have encouraged them to stay positive. They know that Stile is a great place to visit, even if you don’t buy anything to visit. Michelle and Gracia’s goal is to provide each customer with an overall good experience. They want you to feel welcomed, “as if you were walking into our closet.”

“We’re sharing our passion for this industry with [customers]. Women are too hard on themselves most of the time. We try to encourage them to be more gentle with themselves.” – Gracia Williston

To learn more about Stile Fashion & Accessories, make sure to visit their Facebook Page. On there, you’ll be able to stay up to date with their hours of operation, and catch some of the live videos posted by Michelle to showcase some of her favourite items.


About the author :

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