My Home Mercantile, located at 805 Main St, is owned by a wonderful Nova Scotian woman who knows no boundaries when it comes to business. Miriah Kearney’s talent for finding the most unique items as well as her devotion for providing an enjoyable experience in her stores are small testaments to all the other things that she has been able to achieve. Every year, Miriah makes a significant donation towards helping the homeless population through the sales at her stores.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

My name is Miriah Kearney and I am the owner and founder of My Home Mercantile. I started my first company, My Home Apparel in 2015 and after 2 years of having the business, I decided to open my first store front. In the shops, I sold my Canadian-made clothing, and some Canadian giftware. The giftware division really began to grow, so I decided to expand, open more stores and rebrand the shops as My Home Mercantile. The rebranding happened in 2018 and has been an incredible journey ever since.

Why did you decide to open My Home Mercantile? And why in Moncton?

It was very organic, and the decision to open the shops happened very naturally. People were wanting our clothing, so we created a storefront, but I saw a need for a curated gift store in both my hometown, Truro, NS and Moncton, NB. I chose to open in Moncton because I saw a need for a shop like ours, and I love the downtown core of Moncton, it is very beautiful and charming.

What do you love most about downtown Moncton?

I love Main Street, the Market, all the great restaurants, and the adorable cobble stone alleys. I also love the support we have received from the whole community and other business owners.

What do you think My Home Mercantile represents for the people of Moncton?

I think we provide a happy destination where people can explore and discover unique, fun and thoughtful giftware. We have lots of fun cards and cheeky items, so many people just come in to laugh and brighten their day. We are a community and a family, and I think people feel that about our shops. People also know that we take great pride in the products we carry, and that they will find the perfect gift for others or themselves. We also carry over 100 makers in our shops, and people love to find these products in our shops.

How has the store evolved since it first opened?

We first opened the shop as My Home Apparel in October 2017, with very little knowledge of the area, and what people wanted to see downtown, but the shop was beautiful and warmly received. As we began to bring in new giftware, we rebranded into 2018 as My Home Mercantile (June 2018). I have discovered more of what people in Moncton are looking for and where the void is in the market place. We have expanded to bring in more made in NB products, which people love. We have also created lots of fun events: Night Market, workshops, and shopping nights, that people have really enjoyed, and they have been a great success.

What is one of the biggest challenges being a young entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge is learning as you go because you have no experience. Business involves making lots of mistakes and that can be challenging being young and supporting a young family. However, it’s taught me to be open-minded, forever thinking of new ideas, and I think my youthfulness has helped.




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