The St. George Street Urban Quarter is created and defined through the infill and redevelopment of key sites on St. George Street.

DMCI wants to highlight the Urban Quarter of St. George Street and how it contributes to the overall vitality and appeal of our downtown. DMCI plays a very active role in planning and encouraging new development and new businesses to locate to the growing business district of St. George Street.

St. George Street Revitalization.

St.George Street has seen a remarkable evolution in the past years. Many still remember this street as being almost entirely commercial with very few residential buildings. Back then, it was all too familiar to see a wide range of family businesses, ranging from grocery stores, pharmacies, family restaurants and  laundromats.

Did you know that Assumption Life opened its first offices on St.George Street?  So did the first Canadian Tire store ever to open in Moncton! St.George Street is now fully integrated in the downtown area.

Residents and business owners remain very attached to St.George Street today. They appreciate the history and culture that is proper to this part of downtown Moncton. Many were born, grew up, studied, worked and still live in the same neighborhood. Back then, it was common to see many families not only operating businesses but also living in those buildings which housed their business. Many of them lived on the 2nd floor while conducting business downstairs. DMCI is very well aware of this special bond that tie people to their roots.  We will continue to work with them, all the while, respecting this heritage they hold dear to their hearts.