Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. (DMCI) supports public art throughout the downtown.

DMCI is a non-profit organization with a mandate to work with community partners to help create and maintain a vibrant downtown. Art inspires and reflects the artistic culture of Moncton and serves as an attraction for tourism! Public art is an integral part to the development of a downtown and helps establish, renew and elevate downtown Moncton’s profile and identity.

Inspire Festival Murals:

Since 2014, the Inspire Festival has helped transform downtown Moncton with large murals. These murals have helped bring vibrancy to Moncton’s downtown and have helped bring visibility to the heart of Moncton.

Oak Lane Mural and Garbage Bins:

DMCI has partnered with McKenzie College on numerous projects. One being a mural depicting Moncton’s economic history, from shipbuilding to today’s information-based economy in vibrant colours. The mural captures the heart and ignites a sense of pride in our heritage.

Oak Lane Mural

On separate occasions, DMCI has worked with both L’Art Ici SVP and McKenzie College to transform old and battered garbage bins into fun and colourful works of art.