February 22, 2023

Federal, provincial, and municipal governments gathered today to announce joint funding for major infrastructure development in the downtown core. Practical changes to the South-East end of the downtown core will be made, in the hopes of laying the foundation for downtown renewal and revitalization.

A new road will be built to connect Downing St and Westmorland St, aiming to create a grid-like system and better infrastructure management in the area, including water and sewer systems, moving electricity and communication lines moving underground, and road elevation.

“These upgrades will better protect Moncton and its residents against extreme weather events, making the community more adapted and resilient in the face of climate change” states Minister Ginette Petitpas-Taylor. “Looking at downtown diversification and density, we know these investments will make a true difference in our community.”

“We are following the vision of the past, and now we’re moving to the future of Downtown Moncton,” asserts Minister Daniel Allain. “This investment will create economic activity during the construction phase,” he continues, “while also acting as a catalyst for future private sector developments.”

“Moncton is the fastest growing community in the country,” affirms Mayor Dawn Arnold. But to properly lay the foundation for future projects, “development needs access,” she continues, “the new street will create a grid for these properties, which will open up development opportunities, and help build climate resilience to ensure these investments are sustainable long-term.”

The federal government is investing $14.5M to support the municipal upgrades to the downtown core, the provincial government contributes $12.1M, and the City of Moncton is investing $9.7M in the project.

This announcement follows the trend of new developments downtown, joining the ranks of the Three-Sisters development on Record St, the FiveFiveQueen development on Queen St, and the Ashford Living residential developments on Highfield St. All of which built after the Avenir Centre, which is fulfilling its destiny to revitalise the downtown core.

“There are private projects already in the pipeline, and this announcement will certainly open the door for more development news down the line,” hints Patrick Richard, Executive Director of Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. “This new artery will open the door for new development, and we are excited to see what the future holds.”

More details on project can be found in the news release by Infrastructure Canada.


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