Luc Doucet, owner and founder of Barolo and Co. has recently opened up a permanent location for one of his projects called Black Rabbit. Serving high quality food in a rather romantic atmosphere, Doucet has known much success since its opening in March of this year.

“Black Rabbit is a small plate dining experience. People come here to eat, drink, and talk,” explains Doucet. Similarly to Working Class and Euston Park Social, Black Rabbit has a strong focus on giving people an amazing experience.

The menu is quite unique, in that it changes monthly. Doucet explains the importance of rethinking food. Instead of simply serving a typical dish as it has always been served, they like to give it a little twist.

During the month of October, their menu includes zucchini, lamb and pork among others. The tasting menu, which offers a variety of sample plates, is also available during the month of October and includes strip loin, cappellacci, gnudi, salmon, foie gras and a tart for dessert.

When asked about their target audience, Doucet shared that it is a very varied group of people, ranging in age and social classes. The menu is priced for everyone to enjoy, starting under $20, and ranging all the way up to $69 for the tasting menu.

Doucet not only offers an exclusive experience for his customers, but also a very special experience for his employees. He recognizes the importance of taking a break and taking time for oneself. In order to assure his team is always at the top of their game, he closes the restaurant for a few weeks, 3 times each year.

The location of the restaurant is something that often intrigues people. In the heart of downtown Moncton, on St. George Street, inside an atrium lies this dark-lit, romantic-style restaurant filled with food and drinks for all to enjoy.

When asked about the location, Doucet confidently responded, “I just think downtown is the core of the city, and the cultural epicentre of the city. It’s important to bring people downtown. I believe in St. George. We’re gonna be able to clean it up.”

Doucet hopes to continue working on various projects, including his newly launched accessible lunch program called White Rabbit.



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