Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc.’s (DMCI) Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2023.

Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. (DMCI) is an independent, non-profit organization funded by the commercial building and property owners located in the Business Improvement Area (BIA).


A downtown that everyone is proud of!


Fostering a vibrant downtown


Pride, Inclusiveness, Enthusiasm, Stewardship, Sustainability, Efficiency

DMCI’s Board of Directors has adopted three pillars within its Strategic Plan – CURATOR, PROMOTER, and ADMINISTRATOR, which align with this organization’s vision and mission. These pillars are fundamental to everything that DMCI is currently undertaking and will be undertaking between 2020 and 2023. They are the focus of our efforts and the principles by which this organization has established objectives, measures, and initiatives that are sure to satisfy our financial partners and customers.


To be the caretaker and steward of the downtown by playing a proactive advocacy role.


  1. Maintain a clean Downtown.
  2. Play a proactive role to make our downtown safe for everyone.
  3. Maintain the esthetics of the downtown.
  4. Advocate for the development of the waterfront.
  5. Advocate for the importance of investing in the downtown.
  6. Lobby for easy access to and from the downtown and within the downtown.


To be an efficient marketer of programs, attractions, members and investment opportunities in the downtown.


  1. Promote downtown as a destination.
  2. Promote the availability of accessible, affordable and conveniently located downtown parking.


To be an efficient organization that maximizes the return on investment for all  downtown stakeholders.


  1. Maintain Essential Data Collection.
  2. Meet DMCI’s commitment towards the Downtown Centre.
  3. Make DMCI and efficient organization through its day-to-day operations.