Downtown Design Solutions – St. George Street: A Case Study (A useful model for Downtown Moncton)

The objective of this report is to provide realistic and cost-effective design solutions that will bring a unique identity to this urban corridor in downtown Moncton. This report was prepared by ADI Limited for Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. in October 2009.

Case Study

Enterprise Greater Moncton August 2009 Retail Study

The retail sector is a vital and important element of Greater Moncton’s economy. Not only does it create jobs, it also offers people the opportunity to be self-employed, as well as increases the quality of life and helps in attracting new people and companies to the Greater Moncton Area.
Retail Study

Retail Study

An analysis of Greater Moncton Retail was done in October 2005 by ShiftCentral.
Retail Study

Parking Study

The City of Moncton Downtown Strategic Parking Study was done in September 2006. The primary objective of this study is to quantify existing parking needs and issues and to propose strategies to deal with existing and future parking requirements.
Parking Study

Downtown Moncton Development Vision (and Implementation Strategy)

The Downtown Moncton Development Vision is a high level vision document intended to guide development and investments in Downtown. It was commissioned in 2006 by the City of Moncton and Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. (DMCI). The accompanying Implementation Strategy is also attached.
Development Vision Implementation Strategy

DMCI Survey – Outlook 2008 : A Downtown Perspective

The objective of this survey was to determine which direction the property and business owners wanted to see Moncton’s Downtown head towards.
March 2008 Survey

St. George Street Conceptual Plan

This plan builds on the work of the 2006 Downtown Moncton Development Vision to develop a strategy for St. George Street to allow it to reach its full potential.
Conceptual Plan

St. George Street Security Report

This report is an audit of security issues affecting St. George Street in Downtown Moncton.
Security Audit