St. George Streetscape Improvements (2013-2019)

The 2013 St George Streetscape Improvement Plan provides for a series of short term streetscape improvement projects. The identified projects have been selected for reasons such as: immediate impact requiring minimal infrastructure improvements to the street while building edge to strengthen the pedestrian space.

The design elements to establish the ‘edge’ include: cast-in-place concrete curbed planters, decorative metal fencing, ornamental grasses, bulbs and the integration of edible herbs and plants over time as a pilot project.  A standardized black, metal fence has been selected to emphasize the delineation of the pedestrian space and the ornamental grasses will change through the seasons softening the fence.

The first phase of this project has been implemented as follows:

  • decorative fencing
  • curbed planters
  • ornamental grasses
  • flower pots

St. George Streetscape Improvement Document

St. George Street Conceptual Plan

This plan builds on the work of the 2006 Downtown Moncton Development Vision to develop a strategy for St. George Street to allow it to reach its full potential.

Conceptual Plan

Downtown Design Solutions – St. George Street: A Case Study (A useful model for Downtown Moncton)

The objective of this report is to provide realistic and cost-effective design solutions that will bring a unique identity to this urban corridor in downtown Moncton. This report was prepared by ADI Limited for Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. in October 2009.

Case Study