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Senior-Friendly Business Program

The Senior-Friendly Business Program is an initiative of the Moncton Mayor’s Seniors Advisory Committee in partnership with Downtown Moncton Centre-ville inc. (DMCI)

What is a senior-friendly business?

A senior-friendly business takes the needs and preferences of older adults into consideration, by providing friendly quality services and facilities to its customers.


  • More seniors shopping at your establishment.
  • Increased visibility among Moncton seniors.

Senior-Friendly Business Program

Why should you become senior-friendly?

  • 35.5% of the population in both the City and CMA is now above 50*.
  • Moncton City: ratio of population above 50 rose by 2.1% from 2006 to 2011*

*Source: 2011 Census.

To find out how your business can become Senior Friendly, click here for more information.

Bilingual Signage

DMCI is pleased to represent Downtown Moncton businesses on the City of Moncton’s Bilingual Signage Committee.

Bilingual Signage

In September 2010, Council did not adopt a by-law, but rather is committed to assisting, promoting, encouraging and facilitating increased bilingual commercial signage in our city. After an extensive research and consultative process, led by a committee, City Council adopted an Action Plan in June 2012.

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