Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc. is an independent entity funded by its stakeholders. It is a non-profit organization serving the interests of building and business owners located in the business improvement area.

DMCI Strategic Plan  2016 – 2019

“Fostering Vibrancy”


To create a positive and dynamic environment to be the best place to live and work.


To be the most vibrant community.


Downtown Moncton is a safe, clean gathering place that attracts a lively mix of people through its appealing services, activities, architecture and urban spaces.


  1. Support and promote the implementation of the improvement plan for St. George Street.
  2. Collaborate with the City of Moncton to provide assistance in maintaining a clean Downtown.
  3. Provide support to the City of Moncton to maintain the esthetics of the downtown.
  4. Promote the availability of accessible, affordable and convenient Downtown parking.
  5. Partner and collaborate with Codiac RCMP and the City of Moncton to ensure that Downtown Moncton is a safe place to work, shop, live, visit and invest.


Foster a positive investment climate and effective development strategies for the Downtown.


  1. Support and promote the activities of the Mayor’s Downtown Revitalization Committee.
  2. Promote the advantages and importance of developing the downtown, investing in the downtown and the importance of downtown living focused on a target audience.
  3. Advocate for increased focus on the importance of downtown growth to the Province of NB, the City of Moncton and builders/developers.
  4. Promote and foster the development of the waterfront.


Create and define the downtown experience.


  1. Promote cultural and leisure assets in the downtown.
  2. Support events and festivals in the BIA that promote and benefit downtown businesses and stakeholders.
  3. Advocate and support the creation of public art in the downtown.